I am a Body Image and Intimacy Coach and certified Sexological Bodyworker.  As a Somatic Sex Educator I specialise in helping people really start to feel their bodies, learning about how they actually work and how to feel from the inside out.

In a world where information is so easily accessible and we have access to so many resources it would seem we are still limited in knowledge when it comes to how we relate to our own bodies and in turn how we relate to other peoples bodies. That's where I step in! 

With a previous background in marketing I understand it is easy to get lost in a sea of information, not knowing what information to trust. Through my training and my work I have learnt that my body is the best gauge for the first time I can honestly say I feel it in my bones or it's a gut instinct.

I want to break the shackles of the outdated taboos around the topic of intimacy and sex. Sex sells products all over the world yet we rarely voice our true feelings on the subject!

 Learning how to really feel your body, understanding your potential and how to utilise it can enhance not just your intimate relations but your life overall.