My guest appearance on LBC's Sex & Relationship show....

Last night I had the pleasure of joining Lucy Beresford on her wonderful Sex & Relationship show on LBC. It was absolutely wonderful and I LOVED being on the radio, you can listen to me on the show below!


I joined her in the studio for a discussion around what we believe sex really means to us and whether the traditional definition being penis vagina penetration is limiting our understanding of the sexual landscape. We touch on how we should tackle this concept within education and open up our beliefs about what it means to lose your virginity.

We also chat briefly about whether there is a way that we could discover more about our own sexual pleasure (which there most definitely is!).


Many of us have never taken the time to really get to know our bodies, we have pleasured ourselves the same way since we began and with a little bit of education, we could unlock our pleasure potential. With this in mind, I have recently had the pleasure of writing for The Pure Mag and they have published some relevant articles around this topic which are worthwhile taking a read (in particular if you are a vulva owner). The magazine is run by the luxury e-boutique Pureeros who are dedicated to providing high-quality toys dedicated to female pleasure many of which allow for more than penetration and may open up your eyes to the varying ways in which we can experience pleasure!


Enjoy listening! 

How to be a better lover(with yourself & with a partner)

Due to popular demand, I am hosting a bit of a last minute workshop Tuesday 6th March in Hoxton.  This will be for people identifying as being a vulva(vagina) owner.

How to be a better lover will get into the nitty-gritty of how to have a more fulfilling sex life with yourself and with a partner. 

Don't worry your clothes will stay on and we will be covering state of mind, body image, breathing patterns, environment, full body pleasure, self pleasuring techniques, spontaneity, the art of the quickie and of course the role of toys!

Tickets are £17.50 or £15 each if you book for you and a friend.

We'll aim for a 7pm start and will run until 930 with an addition 30minutes for people to stay behind and ask more personal questions. 

The venue offers food and drink for those on a tight schedule, I will be there from 6 too if anyone fancies joining me for a bite to eat!

Please get in touch if you're interested and feel free to share amongst friends.

I look forward to seeing you Tuesday


Body Image & Intimacy Coach

OMG YES review for Sex+ Magazine

Friends of mine at the wonderful Sex+ magazine asked me to review the website that has put a lot of time, effort and research into pulling together what it is that make women tick.

It was a frustrating pleasure doing the review, take a read and a look at OMG YES and see for yourself.

One brilliant take out for everyone....get exploring and don't be scared of trying new things!

Project Love Salon: Deconstructing the Female Orgasm

  • Monday, October 9, 2017
  • 7:30pm  9:00pm
  • Carousel (map)

Ooh this is going to be a popular one!

Come and join us for an evening with Sexological Bodyworker, Victoria Helen Roberts, as she opens us up to the topic of sex, masturbation and the female orgasm.

Victoria will helps us to uncover the common myths around pleasure and the female orgasm and offer a new perspective on how to really feel our bodies and maximise our orgasmic potential.

We’ll explore why in this modern age the female anatomy and our capacity for pleasure is still something we seldom talk about and Victoria will take us on a tour of the female body (all clothes will remain on!) showing us how we can increase our capacity for pleasure with simple exercises and techniques.

We suspect this one will fill up FAST so book your tickets now!

Victoria Helen Roberts is a body image & intimacy coach and Certified Sexological Bodyworker.