How to be a better lover(with yourself & with a partner)

Due to popular demand, I am hosting a bit of a last minute workshop Tuesday 6th March in Hoxton.  This will be for people identifying as being a vulva(vagina) owner.

How to be a better lover will get into the nitty-gritty of how to have a more fulfilling sex life with yourself and with a partner. 

Don't worry your clothes will stay on and we will be covering state of mind, body image, breathing patterns, environment, full body pleasure, self pleasuring techniques, spontaneity, the art of the quickie and of course the role of toys!

Tickets are £17.50 or £15 each if you book for you and a friend.

We'll aim for a 7pm start and will run until 930 with an addition 30minutes for people to stay behind and ask more personal questions. 

The venue offers food and drink for those on a tight schedule, I will be there from 6 too if anyone fancies joining me for a bite to eat!

Please get in touch if you're interested and feel free to share amongst friends.

I look forward to seeing you Tuesday


Body Image & Intimacy Coach