My guest appearance on LBC's Sex & Relationship show....

Last night I had the pleasure of joining Lucy Beresford on her wonderful Sex & Relationship show on LBC. It was absolutely wonderful and I LOVED being on the radio, you can listen to me on the show below!


I joined her in the studio for a discussion around what we believe sex really means to us and whether the traditional definition being penis vagina penetration is limiting our understanding of the sexual landscape. We touch on how we should tackle this concept within education and open up our beliefs about what it means to lose your virginity.

We also chat briefly about whether there is a way that we could discover more about our own sexual pleasure (which there most definitely is!).


Many of us have never taken the time to really get to know our bodies, we have pleasured ourselves the same way since we began and with a little bit of education, we could unlock our pleasure potential. With this in mind, I have recently had the pleasure of writing for The Pure Mag and they have published some relevant articles around this topic which are worthwhile taking a read (in particular if you are a vulva owner). The magazine is run by the luxury e-boutique Pureeros who are dedicated to providing high-quality toys dedicated to female pleasure many of which allow for more than penetration and may open up your eyes to the varying ways in which we can experience pleasure!


Enjoy listening!